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  Gem & Jewellery Balance 
- More than 1 lakh installation
- Automatic internal external collabration available
  Gold Testing Machine 
Compact Eco SapphireCompact Eco:
- Fast, Accuarate, Non-destructive`
- Assaying Centre / Touch Lab, Hallmarking Centre
  Laser Marker Machine
Laser Marker CFM-20
- More than 10 Installation
- Ceramics, EP materials; marking of electronic component package, IC etc.
  Laser Spot Welding Machine 
Air Cooled CLEP - 10foRza / 100DT / 160DT is the first machine created by Citizen from a technological point of view it contains a concentration of six year study.
  Engraving Machines
Air Cooled CLEP - 10CPM-M
An affordable, self contained, marking system that’s convenient, easy-to operate and can replace your manual machine
  Melting Machine
Air Cooled CLEP - 10Induction Melting Machine
- More than 200 installation
- Saves your power and valuable time.
- Safe and reliable.
  Karat Analyzer - GT series
Gold Check II (Karat Tester)- Fast, Accuarate, Non-destructive
- Assaying Centre / Touch Lab, Hallmarking Centre
  Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic cleaning depends upon cavitation, the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a cleaning liquid.
  Optional Accessories